Power of One Report - February 2020

Power of One Report

Success in BNI is directly tied to the Five Key Fundamentals of BNI Success. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE POWER OF ONE. 

CONGRATULATIONS to the BNI Arizona South Region members listed below who scored 60 points or more in February 2020. You are directly contributing to the health of your chapter and the profitability of your chapter members!

Each Power of One element is scored out of a maximum of 20 points.

1. CEUs (One hour = One CEU). There are easily 6 CEUs for completing the online MSP. Goal: Four CEUs / month

2. Attendance. Goal: 100%

3. One-to-ones. Goal: Four one-to-ones / month

4. Referrals. Goal: Four referrals / month

5. Visitors. Goal: One visitor / month

A Better Referral Allison Claridge 100
Copper Connections Chuck Palm 100
Desert Synergy Chaz Elsten 100
Professional Partners Stephanie Casey 100
A Better Referral Eric Erickson 95
Achievers Renee Deeter 95
Business Builders Aaron Greenberg 95
Business Builders Luis Hernandez 95
Copper Connections Margarita Villalobos 95
Platinum Performers Elisa Ng 95
Professional Partners Tracy Beaudry 95
Southwest Connection Gloria Saldana 95
Achievers Martha Chinnock 90
Achievers Heather Arnaud 90
Business Builders Michael Oakland 90
Desert Synergy Susan Boettcher 90
Platinum Performers Stephen Mehr 90
Professional Partners Trish Nichols 90
Southwest Connection Bobby Balsiger 90
A Better Referral Emily Erickson 85
Achievers Marcus Richter 85
Achievers Jeanine Colini 85
Achievers Russell Sullivan 85
Business Builders Jan Ramirez 85
Business Builders Jessica Korff 85
Copper Connections Anne McKechnie 85
Professional Partners Kevin Wood 85
A Better Referral Amanda Wagstaff 80
Achievers Hannah Swalander 80
Achievers Marie Gooch 80
Achievers Julie Garrison 80
Desert Synergy Eric Phillips 80
Givers Gain Adrienne Asta 80
Givers Gain Tony Spasovski 80
Platinum Performers Michelle Owens 80
Professional Partners Jonathan Spurr 80
Southwest Connection Michelle McNutt 80
Sunrise Success Michelle Martin 80
Achievers Hubert Johnson 75
Achievers Melissa Hawkins 75
Achievers Chris Seidman 75
Business Builders Kristen Moore Bennett 75
Business Builders Karla Lombana 75
Copper Connections Susan Broomall 75
Copper Connections Lauren Smith Klase 75
Givers Gain Fran Ferlazzo 75
Givers Gain Mel Blumenthal 75
Givers Gain Rose Snyder 75
Southwest Connection Carolyn Weaver 75
Southwest Connection Jo Cannold 75
Achievers Jennifer Gooch 70
Copper Connections Don Gibbens 70
Copper Connections Jeremy Silverman 70
Copper Connections Pam Hopman 70
Desert Synergy Donna Phillips 70
Desert Synergy Andrea Alvarez 70
Givers Gain Jennie Uhlmann 70
Platinum Performers Dan DeLong 70
Platinum Performers Lindsey Burlingame 70
Professional Partners Donna Gallagher 70
Professional Pipeline Juanetta Hill 70
Professional Pipeline Ginger Hernandez 70
Southwest Connection Dallen Haws 70
Sunrise Success Ryn Gargulinski 70
Sunrise Success Melissa Rossier 70
A Better Referral Carmen Flowers 65
A Better Referral Amanda Smicklas 65
A Better Referral Mike Grabill 65
Achievers Cass McGinty 65
Achievers Miguel Nakano 65
Achievers Maggie Jones 65
Business Builders Holly von Guilleaume 65
Business Builders Yamen Fellah 65
Business Builders Suzanne McNamara 65
Copper Connections James Penny 65
Copper Connections Paul d'Hedouville II 65
Copper Connections Silviya Warren 65
Copper Connections Thomas Friezen 65
Copper Connections Lory Sullivan 65
Copper Connections John Henning 65
Givers Gain Jason Jones 65
Go Givers Tammy Adams 65
Professional Partners Rachel Novak 65
Professional Partners Deborah Starrs 65
Professional Partners Anna Monterosso 65
Referral Dynamics Jeff Stevens 65
Southwest Connection Carrie Aguillon 65
Sunrise Success Jeffery Saunders 65
Sunrise Success Mike Gietl 65
Sunrise Success Annemarie Korp 65
A Better Referral Jeanne Madlangbayan 60
A Better Referral Jayna Jarvis 60
Achievers Robyn Moore 60
Achievers Amy Clemans 60
Achievers Tabitha Danloe 60
Achievers Corey Fujimoto 60
Achievers Jonathan LePage 60
Achievers David Willoughby 60
Business Builders Andrea Cohn 60
Copper Connections Blake Anthony 60
Copper Connections Ann Gavlick 60
Copper Connections Randall Miller 60
Copper Connections Craig Muthard 60
Desert Synergy Christian Diaz 60
Desert Synergy Tana Newton 60
Givers Gain Cecilia Schreiber 60
Givers Gain Donna Kleven 60
Platinum Performers David Young 60
Professional Partners Adam Dellos 60
Professional Partners Jacquelynn Buck 60
Professional Pipeline Adriana Jimenez 60
Professional Pipeline Malcolm McDonald 60
Sunrise Success Roxanne Holly 60
Sunrise Success Donna Reed 60
Sunrise Success Jorge Taborda 60


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