BNI SoZona Gold Club Members

The BNI Gold Club was established to recognize BNI members who go the extra mile in building their chapters by sponsoring six or more professionals into the organization who subsequently become BNI members.  BNI SoZona Gold Club members add value to their chapters by increasing the referral network of every chapter member, which means more business for everyone!

BNI Gold Club members are easily recognizable because they wear a special name badge given to them in appreciation for their efforts.

Gold Club members enjoy the following privileges:
1. Recognition on the BNI SoZona website.
2. Free entry to most BNI SoZona regional activities.
3. Other special activities especially for Gold Club members.

Contact your chapter director consultant for more information about how to be listed on this page.

BNI SoZona Gold Club Members


Go Givers Chapter
Jeremy Waters


Stacey Lynn

6 Figure $uccess
Emily Erickson
Eva Hendrix

ACE Referral Partners Chapter
Bob Chasan

Achievers Chapter
Heather Arnaud
Don Cox
Tabitha Danloe
Jacquelynn Buck
Marie Gooch
Robyn Moore

Copper Connections Chapter
Karen Fisher
Ann Gavlick
Lauren Smith

Desert Connections Chapter
BJ Kaysen

Givers Gain Chapter
Cecilia Schreiber

Network Without Borders Chapter
Chrisie Ballard
Stephanie Kidder
Stephanie Rising

Platinum Performers Chapter
Bryan Canavan
Michelle Owens
Agnes Seidler
Tina Young

Referral Dynamics Chapter
Mike Effing
Robb Sikes
Jeff Stevens

Sunrise Success Chapter
Aaron Greenberg
Jessica Korff
Donna Reed
Jeff Saunders

Tucson Professional Partners Chapter
Tracy Beaudry
Lisa Bessette
Dr Rachel Novak
Jonathan Spurr
Kevin Wood

Sierra Vista:

Professional Pipeline Chapter
Ginger Hernandez

Southwest Connection Chapter
Carrie Aguillon
Bobby Balsiger

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