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BNI Arizona South
2954 N Campbell, Ste 215
Tucson, AZ 85719
P: (520) 982-5131
F: (520) 844-6598 

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BNI Arizona South serves Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, Pima and Santa Cruz counties.

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Contact BNI Arizona SouthBNI Arizona South serves Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, Pima and Santa Cruz counties.

Click here to locate chapters in the Arizona South region.  Please note some chapters meet at the same location.  Use the map zoom feature to locate each of the chapter markers.

For more information about BNI Arizona South contact Chrisie Koury Ballard, Executive Director by calling (520) 982-5131 or send an email.

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AZ South
2954 N Campbell
Ste 215
Tucson, AZ 85719
Phone 520-982-5131
Fax 520-844-6598
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Bill Ballard, Executive Director, (520)982-5131, Send Message
Chrisie Koury Ballard, Executive Director, 520-982-5131, Send Message
Norm Dominguez, Executive Director, 9096087575
Dana Coyle, Regional Admin, 520-296-6167, Send Message
Chelsea Cohen, Director Consultant, 520-314-4764, Send Message
Chuck Zaepfel, Director Consultant, 520-405-4649, Send Message
Don Cox, Director Consultant, 520-789-7234, Send Message
Jacquelynn Buck, Director Consultant, 610-662-1823, Send Message
Juan Ibarra, Director Consultant, 520-622-3731, Send Message
Lauren Stidham, Director Consultant, 520-241-9940, Send Message
Lory Sullivan, Director Consultant, 520-850-3554, Send Message
Marc Richter, Director Consultant, 520-271-8582, Send Message
Marie Gooch, Director Consultant, 520-906-8264, Send Message
Michael Moore, Director Consultant, 520-977-6459, Send Message
Robyn Moore, Director Consultant, 520-850-2904, Send Message
Vicky Minor, Director Consultant, 520-792-1323, Send Message
Joy Paul, Ambassador, 520-884-9289, Send Message
Lisa Westrick, Ambassador, 520-226-5953, Send Message
Maggie Jones, Ambassador, 520-792-2000, Send Message
Mary Finlayson, Ambassador, 7194398093, Send Message
Nancy Jones, Ambassador, 520-704-7600, Send Message
Phyllis Daugherty, Ambassador, 520-405-5659, Send Message
Rebecca Wicker, Ambassador, 520-209-2872, Send Message
Russell Sullivan, Ambassador, 520-850-2648, Send Message
Stacy Wilkinson, Ambassador, 520-256-6800, Send Message
Steve Jones, Ambassador, 520-829-6400 x103, Send Message
Tabitha Danloe, Ambassador, 520-409-2988, Send Message
Tameika Symonds, Ambassador, 520-784-1606, Send Message
Tammy Longhurst, Ambassador, 520-850-7592, Send Message
Tim Hart, Ambassador, 520-232-4374, Send Message